Dirty,lazy, keto. Can you have success. Does it work???

Yes!!! You can! Yes it does!!!

My journey started 2 years ago and I have lost 80 pounds! That’s mind blowing to me! And yes I’m doing it off grid! I love the idea of whole 30 and I tried it and only lasted 10 days lol but that’s because it’s so hard to get away from certain processed foods Especially when you go out to eat. So here is what worked for me and maybe it will work for you too if you are thinking of jumping on the keto band wagon! Disclaimer: I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor this is just what worked for me!

Start out slow! For the first 6 months I didn’t count anything! I just mainly threw out bread, pasta, and sugar and I tried to add more butter and healthy fats to meals. I still drank milk and had potatoes(potatoes are my crutch) and I started to notice the weight coming off I was loosing about 3-5 pounds a week! But I’m a big dirty cheater that’s right once a week(usually a Saturday)I would fall off the wagon and eat whatever I wanted. I did that for about 3 months then I tried to go 2 weeks then would have a cheat day. And so on and so fourth until I got to 3 weeks, 3 weeks is still as long as I can go without having a cheat but my cheats now are way different!!!!

Take for instance if we go out and my husband orders dessert I will have one bite! Just ONE! (No one ever got fat from one bite) where as my old cheat days was a whole day of as much crap and sugar I could shovel in until I hated myself! I know this throws the body out of ketosis but for my body by the next morning I’m back into ketosis!

Plan your shopping list! I avoid the whole center of any store! (Unless my husband needs something special) stick to the outsides of the stores and you wont be tempted to buy unhealthy food!

Don’t hate yourself when u do fall off the wagon! Just get right back on it your next meal or the next morning! Intermittent fasting works great to jump back on the wagon!!!

Dirty lazy keto is my life! I use sugar free ketchup, I still eat potatoes(once in a while) and I do track my macros now with carb manager app, but I try to stay under 30 net carbs for the day, for some reason if I don’t eat enough carbs I will stall out!!!

I drink, I party, and I’m going to have one bite of that freaking cupcake!!!! This is my life and my journey and it’s working amazing for me! There are way to many people stressing that u have to count your macros, you shouldn’t have diet soda, you shouldn’t be using fake sugar ect ect don’t let these people get you down! You can do it the lazy dirty way and still have success!!!!

Once I reach my goal of 100 pounds lost then I will cut out the fake sugar and diet soda ect.

This is pretty much a normal day for me!

Don’t forget fruit! Yes on dirty keto u can eat fruit! No one got fat from eating fruit! My go to is strawberries and blueberries and raspberries I have about a cup of fruit everyday!

I am proof that dirty lazy keto works! I have even taken a month or 2 off and have only gained water weight back about 5 pounds, but the minute I get back on track it comes right off by day 2!!!!

So Q&A if you have any questions I would be more than happy to try and answer them! Leave me a comment or shoot me an email!!!

Holistic and Homeopathic remedies. The Peoples Home library 1911.

Colds and coughs

My awesome husband went back to ohio in August and brought back with him a book made in 1911, it’s the peoples library and it has all the old homeopathic ways of curing pretty much everything so I thought I would start sharing!!!

Colds and coughs:

Preventive: keep the children well clothed and out doors as much as possible. Have ventilation in sleeping rooms so that plenty of fresh air Enters. The temperature of the house should be from 68 to 70゚ begin outdoor treatment in the summer and sleep with plenty of fresh air during the whole year use cold sponging upon rising in the morning and especially upon the chest throw and spine. Wear flannel underclothing on the chest all year and on the limbs in Winter this applies particularly to the children and underwear should be medium weight in Winter and lighter in summer. Give Cod liver oil to week children to build them up so they will not take cold easily do not use chest protectors, cotton pads, or extremely thick clothing on children if a child is subject to frequent Colds see if there are adenoids in throat. To avoid taking cold always change wet clothing immediately do not get to sweating and then sit down to cool off and do not stay in poorly ventilated rooms and breathe the same air over and over.


Onion poultice: Make a poultice of onions fried in lard and lay on the chest soak the feet in as hot water as can be tolerable and drink a glass of hot lemonade and if you have it a little senna tea before going to bed.

Camphor and sugar: for colds in the head one of the very best remedies for a cold in the head is to put 1 or 2 drops of spirits of camphor on a lump of sugar dissolve the sugar in half a glass of water and take a teaspoon every 2 hours.

Castor oil molasses ect. for sniffles or cold in the head: keep the bowels open when Castor oil and molasses and Greece the nostrils with mutton suet. Sweet oil or lard sage penny Royal or bombed he keep the bowels open and give a dose of sage penny Royal or balm camphorated Olive oil relief is often obtained by rubbing the nose with the camphorated Olive oil.

Onion syrup: given onion syrup made as follows slice an onion into a granite basin and add 1 tsp full of sugar and a small lump of butter and simmer on the stove and tell thoroughly cooked and give a teaspoon or 2 of the juice every little while sometimes it is necessary to add a little water.

Skunks oil. applied to the throat and lungs this is a good remedy for a cold on the lungs sometimes it is given internally in small doses.

Pepperment and suet. 2 or 3 drops of peppermint mixed with an equal amount of suet and rubbed over the baby’s chest gives quick release in case of cough or cold on the lungs.

Elder flowers and honey. a remedy which comes from Russia pre describes a tea made from elder flowers and sweetened with honey either fresh or dried flowers may be used cover up warmly in bed and drink freely of the Tea to induce sweating.

Balm of Gilead buds and honey. Add lemon juice to a quart of water add 2 oz of the balm of gilet buds, simmer down to a pint strain and add a pound of comb honey and the juice of 3 lemons boil together until the wax in the honey is dissolved this will cure coughs for longstanding.

Hot lemonade. take just before going to bed this is an old tried remedy for a cold.

Wild cherry bark and low sugar put 10 cents worth of wild cherry bark into a court of water and boiled down to a pint add a pound of loaf sugar strain and take a teaspoonful every half hour this is fine wild cherry is a sedative and reduces the cough and is an ex back Durant and does minish is nervous ear ability.

Cold season is coming so Its always handy to have extra natural old remedies on hand.

Composting Toilets

The good, the bad and the ugly of composting Toilets!

Last year when we first remodeled the camper to a tiny home we put in a normal house toilet then come to find out Toilets waste so So much water so we decided to build our own composting toilet instead of buying one incase we didn’t like the composting Toilets…

Well we love the concept of the composting Toilets just not the work that a homemade one entails! Now I’m not going to sugar coat the following one bit incase you decide to go the composting toilet route!

#1 Does it smell? Sometimes it does I wont lie! We use pete moss and woodchips and it smells! No matter how good you cover it, it stinks! But I have heard that in the new ones like nature’s head they don’t smell, but our yee old bucket way… yeah it smells!

#2 The separation of church and state. The separation of the solids from the wet has been a mad struggle, and it smells awful! I have done everything everyone on the web has suggested, soap, lysol, I have dumped other bathroom cleaners in the jug, but by day 2 which is all you can hold in the liquid jug (with just 2 people) you have to dump it and it will make u want to barf it’s not unbearable but it smells bad! And if you should happen to forget to empty the jug at least every other day you will have a mess on your hands! how we made ours it works very well even in the woman department but the center of the bucket where it joins the funnel touches you and leaves you feeling a tad violated. Lol πŸ˜‚

#3 The compost bin. Now this is magical hahaha the outside bin where we dump everything does not smell at all even on a hot summer day! After every time we dump it we cover it with dirt and old hay and it is doing its job! We have worms and all sorts of bugs breaking everything down so that it self is just amazing! And the no smell factor makes me super happy!

Dirt! Dirt and wood chips are everywhere!! Constantly!!! Because after each use you have to cover it like a cat and there is constantly no matter how clean and tidy you are there will be wood chips and dirt everywhere!

#4 Guests. When people come over they are a tad bit on the freaked out side of the homemade homestead composting toilet they don’t understand how it works and then it freaks people out that that funnel touches you lol and it just sucks having to explain to people how to use the bathroom πŸ˜‚

#5 switching over! So after this year long trial run we have decided we are going to buy the nature’s head composting toilet because it can not possibly be worse than what we are doing now plus with everything I read on it with just 2 people you will only have to dump the composting part once a month maybe and the liquid jug every 3-4 days where right now it’s a every day event no matter. And frankly I’m getting tired of dumping the thing every day!!

So how the nature’s head works is u fill up the tank with moist dirt. Do your buisness, turn the nob and you are done! You don’t have to constantly keep covering it up with dirt and wood chips which means no mess, the liquid jug lasts longer, so no dumping everything every day! And it’s not a weird embarrassment when people come to visit πŸ˜‚ so I say yes to composting Toilets but definitely the professional ones!! At least for us!

Keto diet and what you should also be doing!

The keto diet is everything its cracked up to be but you have to be honest with yourself and stay the course. The whole point of keto is to loose weight and heal your body.

I started keto 2 years ago, I was almost on my way to mexico to have gastric sleeve surgery because I was done with life, I was tired of being tired and most of all tired of being over weight, I have been big all my life and nothing has ever worked for me!

Until thrive by le-vel, thrive saved my life and gave me the building blocks to do keto and stay on keto! Thrive and keto together where my tools for success and boy did it work and is still working!!!!

Now that I have lost 80 pounds in a awesome healthy way I have started looking into gut health because that’s how you heal your whole body! So along with keto and thrive I have started adding in probiotics but food wise! Lots of fermented foods and kombutcha teas they do have some sugars in them but not super bad. I try and drink one tea a day and a few bites of kimchee or other awesome fermented foods and aside from feeling amazing from what I’m already doing this has helped so much!

This whole journey is about becoming as healthy as possible so I completely stopped shopping at grocery stores and now only shop at natural grocers. Until the homestead is fully up and running then I hope that I will only have to go to the store for just a few items. So if you are doing keto or whole 30 make sure you are adding in these awesome probiotics to help your gut and liver for maximum benefits!!!

Dyson v11 torque Drive cordless vacuum – Review

The new Dyson vll torque is the newest cordless vacuum from Dyson. And I will have to say I’m really impressed!

I had the Dyson animal 2 and I bought it about 5-6 years ago and man did that vaccum do some work! Well living off grid it’s a pain to always have to turn on the generator to vacuum so when the Dyson animal died I seen my opportunity(insert evil laugh) I have wanted a cordless for a while now because some days I just don’t want to hear the generator run! And just because I live offgrid doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy all the new modern gadgets!

It is everything they advertise and more! It’s easy to set up and easy to install the wall mount charger! So when the generator is on it just charges it automatically and then I can use it when I want! The l.e.d screen is awesome! It’s a little on heavy side but not to bad at all!

It comes with 6 attachments and the wall charging mount and the 2 year free warranty! This just completely made my off grid/homestead life a total dream! Yes it’s on the very expensive end but in my opinion it’s totally worth it to be able to just grab it and vacuum anything anywhere!!! I give it a 5 out of 5 Dyson you have really out done it with this bad boy! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Homestead journal 9.7.2019

A good marriage isn’t something you find, it’s something you make, and you have to keep on making it.

My husband and I have been together for 13 years and we have had our ups and downs and been through alot but we always come out stronger and on top!

I have no clue what the hell happened but it was like a light switch and the last week have been like love struck teenagers not being able to keep our hands off each other, it’s quite bizzaro but definitely awesome! This last week it’s like we have fallen in love all over again!!!

Ok enough with the mushy stuff on to homestead life! Well we are waiting on the bobcat cylinders to get here we still have to continue on without out it and at what a awesome time! We had to get hay, have to get water and fire wood….. well thankfully my husband is the king of yankee ingenuity!!! So this is how we got the hay outπŸ˜‚

Its definitely crunch time as the leaves are starting to change!!!! Trying to get everything in place before the snow falls is going to be super fun lol. Hope you all have a awesome day! Thanks for following!

Homestead journal 9-5-2019

Ohhh fall is coming I can feel it! The mornings are getting colder which means the snuggle is real lol cold mornings equals extra snuggling with the husband! The smell of coffee on cold mornings about drives me bonkers its thee most amazing smell in the whole wide world! It’s been a tragic few days for both the husband and I as both of our favorite pieces of equipment broke down, the lift cylinders in the Bobcat blew out while he was moving dirt around the house and my beloved Dyson of 5 years finally died! So on the agenda is finding new tilt cylinders and buying me a new Dyson! Because the house needs to be clean or the fur bunnies will pack us away lol and the Bobcat is the life blood of the place!! The bobcat is a bit on the older side but man was she a score! Lol I can’t remember life before the bobcat hahahha it’s been the best investment we have ever made and has made homestead and farm life a complete dream!

Funny story about the bobcat, when my husband and I got together he had no equipment but he had big dreams and I was blessed somehow in the power of finding amazing deals on equipment. So the husband wanted a backhoe, we drove 3 hours to a auction in Yuma Colorado because they had one…. it went for so much more than it was worth so we left the auction my husband broken hearted and sad the whole way home, we get home and he decided to take a nap, well I jump on Craig’s list and I’m scrolling frantically and then a bobcat pops up 1500.00 u.s dollars, it was just listed, I jump up.run and wake up the husband “babe call this guy right now” in a startled not awake yet confusion he grabs the phone and calls the guy with the bobcat for sale, the guy proclaims that it’s broken down and won’t steer and hasn’t moved in a few years, my husband told him he would buy it and we would be there in the morning. The next morning we hook on to the trailer and haul butt! We get there, load up the sad broken bobcat and head back home. Once home and unload the man goes into his super man mode and starts ripping the bobcat apart to see what all is wrong with it and how to fix it…. within 30 minutes he had discovered the problem. a Bolt. One 50. Cent bolt had come off and fallen down into the bottom of the bobcat. He found the bolt put it back on and Walla a perfectly fine machine up and running all for 1500.00 bucks!!!!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ all of our equipment has been that way lol. I will be sure to post how he is going to fix these new cylinders because they don’t make them any more for the year of the bobcat we have.

Have a amazing day everyone!

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